Rebecca Maratta, Grad Student, .NET Developer, System Analyst

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My name is Rebecca Maratta and I am a student at APUS. I will receive my Bachelor's in Information Technology with  a concentration in Enterprise Development with .NET and a certificate in Computer Systems and Networks soon. Only 6 more classes to go :) But I have slowed my class loads now to better prepare for the Master's in IT  with a concentration in Software Development that will immediately follow. I am currently working on my portfolio of projects on a volunteer basis for different people and companies. After receiving my Master's, I plan to volunteer for a non-profit organization, like the PeaceCorps. My areas of interest in computers relate mostly to software and development. My programming experience currently consists of  OOP and .NET languages(VB.NET & C#). My web dev and design experience currently consists of some volunteer websites that I design and maintain using the skills I have in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.  I also have knowledge and experience in information security, computer hardware, networks, and databases.


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I am obviously interested in computers. I have been a Shotokan Karate student since I was 18 yrs old and within the last few years I have got back into it seriously. I learned how to fish recently and I enjoy that. My family means a lot to me and I spend most of my free time with them(when I am not studying!).